What We Do

With 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. MacCoss offers a wealth of experience in drug design and synthesis.  Trained initially as a synthetic organic chemist in nucleic acid and nucleoside chemistry, Dr MacCoss also has a strong background in the biological and pharmacological underpinnings of drug action as well as being a strong practitioner of the structural understanding of how small molecules interact with their target proteins.  He has been involved with the advancement of over a 100 drug candidates into pre-clinical toxicology, and is the co-inventor of three marketed individual drug products (EMEND™, IVEMEND™ and JANUVIA) as well as JANUMET, a fixed dose combination of JANUVIA and metformin.  Dr. MacCoss has worked in many therapeutic areas, including Cardiovascular, Antivirals, Immunology, Cancer, Metabolic Diseases and CNS, and has held high level leadership positions in two large multinational pharmaceutical companies.  Dr. MacCoss has a worldwide reputation in medicinal chemistry and has been admitted as a Member of the American Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame; he is committed to the constant application of new science to help treat human disease and unmet medical needs.